5 cm per second

Who knows how many more to the level of devotion I accomplished
Is it appropriate we meet later?
Even I who choleric feel stiff to write poetry
Oh, God ..
What is the purpose of all these?
Why am I always late?
I was late to come into this world
I wish I could be born earlier
Born faster
The series letter by letter, word by word is so laughable
Is this me now?
I almost did not recognize myself
I actually get to know your shadow
Shadows that haunt my sleep every night
Circling over my head
Develop a plan to meet
Hopes to meet
I wonder what God’s plan is now to me
What is the purpose of all these?
Is telling me to be better?
Or is it to make myself worthy first?
I do not have much time ya Allah ..
I have my feet grounded in the cherry country
Although I do not know when and how to
I do not care how
I have to get there
Here it feels like to die
Because my half was there
In faraway places
Which will soon be back here
And go back to it
However, I also had to accompany her
I accompany my half
As I may suppose
I want to see you there
Under the cherry blossom 1 April
You’re too reckless Azlan
You’re too desperate to write this
What if she read it?
I do not know ..
I’m just human being, not God
And God does not play dice
It felt claustrophobic once
In the chest
I think I like to meet soulmate
Mirrors that reflect
I see myself as a happy
See your beautiful smile
Am I crazy?
Yes I am crazy
I even lost my mind at the time of writing this
Shadow face screwed up my imagination
All just my imagination on you
Even beats my imagination in God
Whether this is a poem or something
This is what I actually feel
It feels happy and suffering
All mixed into one
To the extent that I do not know what it’s like
Which is definitely not bland, oh my strawberry
Is it just an illusion?
What is the purpose of all this?
But one thing I know
You are the source of the problem
I have found you
Finding you
Hope you also have the answer key
Hope you can answer all anxieties in this heart
as soon as possible
I had to get out of this wall
I have
should be
Before it’s too late
Before the shadow disappeared from memory


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