Fifth week

Well, now is week 5 of campus life. There are so many fucking assignments. I had to manage my sleeping time, study time, and pray time (actually I pray 5 times in a day as muslim). I don’t have time at all to play w/ my friends. What I’m doing to refresh my self are listening music, tweeting, or watch some motivational movies. Now, I take 24 credits plus 4 credits for japanese languaage and I plan to take 4 credits more for TOEFL Preparation. And I also have lab work and some “asistensi” thing in Saturday. Why should I go to lecture in Saturday?! (hiks). I necessary cancel my student activities such as “ormawa” thing or “UKM” thing. And right now, I am currenty join in writing competition and some scholarships. I can’t tell you more about both of them yet. But I promise, later, I will tell you. Now, I have night class. See you soon, blogy!


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