My YouTube Channel.

YouTube is going viral right now. Everyone starts to make YouTube account, upload their videos, and ask people to subscribe their channels. For instance, many new YouTubers came out in Indonesia recently. Everyone seems to say “I am a YouTuber” proudly. I wonder if every 250 million Indonesia people become YouTuber. Maybe no one can watch their own videos because everyone is too busy to upload their videos.

FYI, making YouTube videos takes such an effort and time. You gotta record the video, move the files to your laptop, edit them, and then upload them. The edit part is so exhausting. You pick the right moments, set them in right sequence, and you need extra creativity too to add music background or maybe some animations. The last part of becoming YouTuber is promotion. You have done everything in video process and you wanna make sure that everyone watch your cool video. This is the hardest part and sometimes you need a luck to gain massive viewers in YouTube.

I do have YouTube account and do upload my videos to YouTube. The main reason is that I if I reach my old 83 years old and lay on my bed with my grandchildren, I can show them how cool I was. Haha. No, the main reason is thanksgiving. I have such life that many people still can experience what I’ve done like eating in fancy restaurant or traveling abroad. So, whenever I watch my video, I can remind myself that I have good friends, good life, and good luck.

Okay, this is one of my YouTube videos. Make sure you subscribe it! Oops.



Today all dormitories were cleaned. Four hundred Konya students stay here for study trip. My room was brand new again. But, three Turkish students were going to stay in my room. I made dua today. I wish I can stay with good people who are diligent to pray. I wonder why Turkish students don’t pray a lot. They smoke so bad. Oops.

So my prayer was granted. I moved to another roon to stay with three beloved brothers from other mothers; Muafi, Ebraheem, Sanjar. With my brand new bed. Smells good.