Sepatu stands for SEbelas iPA saTU. It was my class’ name in high school. Seems cheesy but it’s cool though. So, for every sepatu mates, I made a video message special for you guys! 😉



As we’ve set off on our long journey, with love, courage,friendship, and a bit of playfulness, as these are things that will remain in our heart forever.
Because, we’re all separate pieces of the world, coming together as friends one after another.
As the pieces take form, the wind will definitely continue to blow.
So when you feel the wind, you gotta feel it blowing!
Let’s go search for the wind that dries up our tears!
We’re on an adventure to find that someone.
We’ll never stop!
Look up ahead, my treasure, as you are waiting there for me!
With every tear we shed, we grow stronger, and with every fear, our memories grow much stronger.