Bomb in the mosque.

I remembered when I made donation in order to gain something -at that time, I really wanted Galaxy S7- but I got Galaxy A3. I feel that it ain’t work. But, a week later, I had a story.

I was sending some documents to Indonesia in Ulu cami. So I went to PTT (Turkish post office) at 3.30 PM. I stood up on the post line. I sent my documents and it was 4.00 PM. I remembered that I had performed dzuhur prayer and was going to Ulu Camii (name of the mosque) right across the street. It was spring and ashar prayer set at 5.20 PM. Also I got Indonesian Day in campus although I wasn’t the part of the committee. So, I didn’t go to that mosque then. I went to the campus. Guess what happened? For the next hour, there was explosion right in Ulu Camii with 5 people died and many injured. Boo yah! I was saved by bomb attack. I was shock when I heard that news. It must be the donation. And Allah of course.


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