I lost my passport!

So, to get to Istanbul Ataturk Airport, I gotta get to Yenikapı by ferry. Everything was fine expect the voice of someone’s cat. Her voice made me sleepy. And the thing happened, I fell asleep. When I woke up, everyone at the vessel was going overboard. I quickly jump out of my seat, grabbed my bag, took my suitcase, then walked away.

As soon as I land on the harbour gate, I felt something wasn’t right. I rubbed my pocket, and..

“Good God! My passport!!”

I ran back to the front gate. I have been walking about three minutes so I thought the ship was still there. But..

“How quick she set sail! You think you are metro??!”

In nutshell, I got my passport back after an hour waiting in McDonald’s. Thanks God for saving my ass.



Happiness is as simple as bright future, good friends and delicious foods. Today I’m so happy! Alhamdulillah..