Last suhoor.

Last night, we had omlete for suhoor. Ebraheem brought us a bag of melons and watermelons. We were eating in the middle of messed and dirty room anyway. We were packing our stuffs in order to move to another dormitory and it was suhoor time.

Muafi said it was like last feast before the crucifixion. Like what Jesus did.


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So annoying.

“Don’t put your bag here” he said roughly.

“But everyone put the bag here”

Then he explained with complicated reasons I didn’t understand either.

“But why?” I asked.

“No why” He said.

Today we moved to another dormitory only for the Summer. We only bring our clothes and some stuffs to the new dorm. As far as I know, we may leave some belongings here because in the end of Summer we are going back here. I have so many books anyway. So I packed the book into one simple black backpack. Instead of helping us, he didn’t care of students here.

Damn. Some Turkish people are really annoying!


“Rangga, kalau kuliahnya sudah selesai, cepat kembali ke Jakarta dan cari kerja. Jangan sampai Cinta nunggu kelamaan. Kasihan dia.”

Yang saya tidak ceritakan ke kamu waktu itu.. sebenarnya kuliah saya sedang berantakan. Setelah kamu kembali ke Jakarta, saya terus berpikir. Saya ini tidak akan pernah membuat kamu bahagia. Membuat kamu harus menunggu bertahun-tahun sampai kehidupan saya benar-benar baik. Sampai akhirnya, saya berpikir yang terbaik, kita berpisah. Saya hanya akan membuat kamu susah.

That is the part of the movie I understand the most.