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Don’t listen to music.

Last night I was praying in the mosque around Beşiktaş square. I became a “makmum” of some Turkish guy. He recited long ayah like ten times of al fatihah. Even devil whispered to me to quit that salah. Damn evil.

After we pray, we chatted while we were waiting for adzan. He saw my headphone and asked me, “What do ya listen to?” He pointed to my headphone. 

“I don’t listen to anything right now”

“No, I mean do you listen to music?”


“What music? American music? English music? Rosanna or Eminem?”

I was silent. What is wrong with this guy?

“The true Muslims don’t listen to music. It’s haraam. You ain’t get any benefit of it. The true Muslims listen to Quran.”


“You know how I can recite so long ayah in previous salah? Because I download Quran mp3 and I listen to them.”

He continued preaching me like America is bad, Israel is bad, English and European countries don’t care about us, bla bla..

While he was talking, I glimpsed at his arm. There was a tattoo! Wow! It was really awkward. I am telling you that  living in Turkey as a Muslim is different than any muslim countries. They called themselves secularists but in the other hand they claimed that they are good Muslims even though many Turkish people don’t practice their religion. I don’t care what they want to be, but, have you seen someone pray in the mosque with short pants?