Why do we sleep?

I just wonder why God makes our body need the kind of sleep. If death is fixed, can we just live our life to the fullest? We don’t really use 24 hours a day actually in our life. We sleep approximately 4-8 hours a day. Can’t God make ourselves rest without turning off our bodies? For instance can we just stay still under the sun like an hour to get rebooted? Look at the mechanism of solar panel absorbing energy from the sun and the you good to go. Oh, God.. I’m starting complaining You. I’m sorry.


2 thoughts on “Why do we sleep?

  1. You know what? Saya pikir cuma saya yang berpikiran kenapa harus ada malam padahal 24 jam sehari terasa gak cukup! Kalau saya bisa minta sama Tuhan, semoga waktu malam bisa di masukin dalam toples trus kita bisa buka sewaktu-waktu kita butuhkan. Kalau ada kerjaan yang sempat kita selesaikan, kita gunakan malam untuk menghabiskan kerjaan ituhhh, hehehe…

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