Turkish lecturers are unsupportive to foreign students. 

This is how it goes. I had exam today at 6.00 PM and I came to the class five minutes before the exam. No one was there. I had been waiting for 20 minutes and I check another classroom. It was room 304, the real classroom supposed to be the lecture room. But no one was there either. I went back to another class -It was Maslak classroom and she changed the lecture room- and the room was still empty. Then I asked security and he said no one came this afternoon. I wrote down an email to the lecturer explaining what happened. The reason why the classroom was empty is because she changed the exam room to another room which I really didn’t know. And you know what she said next? She said, “This is not my decision to let you sit the exam.” I even pleaded her to allow me to do the exam in another day. I am pretty sure that if it happens in other countries, the lecturers must give the student a chance. Changing schedule for the 45 minutes exam is not hard. The lecturers here are not supportive. And I hate it.