Food prices here are expensive compared to Indonesian currency. Of course. For one meal I gotta pay 9-10 TL (Turkish Lira) in dormitory’s restaurant or 6-50 TL if you wanna eat in local restaurants with the same portion but not so different in personal taste.

That is Turkish style for dinner. It’s 9.5 TL. Personally, it is really really not cheap. I don’t want spend all of my money just for food. I gotta everything to pay except taxes. Well, actually I pay taxes whenever I purchase some goods though.

We gotta do something. I’m Indonesian and I can cook. Luckily I got many Indonesian students living in the same dormitory. So we cook together. One thing we can get from cooking beside cheap food is that we can share and hang out while cooking. And it’s fun!

Two days ago we cooked friend tuna. It was delicious! I’m sorry, too busy to eat, no photo.


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