Story of my life.

Somehow I have seen their faces before. It was like de javu. Their faces resembled the faces of people I met in the past. But they are different. And fun.

We cooked chicken mushroom omelets with a lot rice. We listened and sang old songs like My Chemical Romance’s songs. We played traditional game named werewolf where we laughed so hard. I wish I could have come here earlier. 

Thank you for being my friends.


I just..

I just realized that I’m getting older every second passes. I have a BIG responsibility in my life which I’m figuring out right now.

I just realized that no matter how handsome you are, women don’t like number 1: a stupid person and number 2: a poor man. More over if you are a skinny not-handsome person.

Life is tough.

Where I am.

It is Saturday night. The Turkish football club, Beşiktaş FC, won the match tonight. I live in Beşiktaş area anyway. They celebrated by drinking too much alcohol. I don’t understand why.

I and my friend played skateboard around Beşiktaş avenue. It was fun despite many people around seeing us falling out of the skate.Suddenly a drunk man threw his bottleto the ground and everyone started looking at me including us.

After doing some tricks, we headed up to our beloved dormitory. No joke. I looked like a cool skater carrying the black skateboard. In the Beşiktaş alley, two women approach us. One of them stood up in front of me and started dancing, “Drink for me! Drink for me!” she sang. I was freaked out and then became awkward. And she walked away. My friend who had lived in Europe said that she wanted to hang out with me in the club or even wanted to have a sex.

Not far from the dorm, a white crazy car fulled of drunk men speed up beside us.A drunk man showed his head out and said something in Turkish. Too drunk to be understood. The car stopped and driven back. I became paranoid when my friend saw the drunk guy following us. But finally we arrived in our beloved dormitory in one piece.

I wonder why Turkish people want to mimic Western European people by becoming alcoholic. They want to be European-like but it failed. Smh. 


Before the independence day of Indonesia, we typically hold some traditional games to entertain ourselves. There are many funny and creative games. Two weeks ago, I had a chance to celebrate independence day at the Indonesian Embassy in Ankara.



I feel blessed. For once again.