Travel Guide.

Two days ago a colleague of mine asked me to escort her friends to go sightseeing in Istanbul. After the Friday prayer, I went to Airport to pick them up. It’s been awhile I din’t meet up other Indonesian fellows beside which who live here in Turkey. And I just want to help her friends. Also I’m a bit excited because my colleague said that her friend wanted to offer some business chance to me. I remember the last time, I got business partner as similar as this. -I met my friend’s colleague in Istanbul and then he offered some business opportunity. It was hijab business- Then I got in the airport quickly.

Alright, I met them. Three Indonesian women who just came back from their seminars in Africa sitting in Starbucks. I shook their hands, sat down. They offered my a cup of coffee which I politely refused. Now, the truth revealed. They were three multi level marketing saleswomen trying to recruit me to join them. How could be?! Even in this city? Geez..

I just remembered my experience with this kind of business when I was in high school. I got invited from my friends to join them. Well, I joined and I sold some products and recruited some down-lines. But, I did not feel happy. I didn’t like it and it just wasn’t me. So I quit. How could someone be happy with a bunch of money by doing something he doesn’t like it? You gotta find your passion, man! Thanks Steve.

So, I was trying to listen to their junk. I was smiling, mirroring, I was trying to be Light in Death Note anime with his poker face. I just said yes, no arguing with few questions to show them respect. I just didn’t want to hurt their feelings. If I were Steve Jobs, I would say “fuck off” and walk away.

They were selling magic plates with some mechanical quantum theory -so it would seem credible and of course it was just bluffing- and convinced me that we will die sooner by WiFi and every electronic frequencies unless we resonance the frequency by those plates. The plates were colorful spiral plastics. It costed an iPhone SE per piece. They said that when we put these plates around our bodies, for example inside our clothes or at the corners of our rooms, the frequency will be calm and we will be more healthy and stronger. Anyway, are you telling me that these cellphones and laptops and WiFi and bluetooth or infrared connections will slowly kill us? Give me a break!

These two women graduated from so-so universities in Indonesia with bachelor of engineering. And they talked with error english with Indonesian accent. Shame on you! They said, “You don’t have to use your IQ, just trust the EQ.”Believe i you dream! Great success! Free financial freedom! Bla bla bla.” You know what? My dream is going to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I don’t know how I can comment to this statement. Shaking my head.

After an hour of talk, we got out of the airport to the town by the train. Someone said, “If Mr. X (his business partner) was here, he would pick us with BMW. Bullshit…!

When they ride the train, they were astonished of how modern and futuristic the public transportation was by taking so many selfies around. Along the trip, someone kept talking about the prospect about the business, someone brutally asked me to trust the system, and the other one kept taking selfies.

We went to mainstream places in Istanbul. As I expected, they were happy. It was little bit funny when I told them we were in Europe and seeing Asia at the front. They also bought me some street foods they ate. We used public transportation every single time. And they walked like snail!

It was 11.00 PM, we were on the train going back to the airport. Did I tell you they just spend 14 hours in Istanbul? Again, they kept telling me about this crap that by investing 500 bugs I will get thousands of dollars. Holy shit..

At the last train to the airport we got separated, I shook their hands and said goodbye. They told me to find $ 500 as soon as possible no matter what to join them. And they will spread the network here in Turkey with me as the leader of them Turkish team. Holy shit..

I wish I will never see them again. I am a bit sorry for a young lady who was with them. She wore hijab and seemed innocent. I really wish she find  a good job or another conventional business which don’t deceive people with their bullshit tricks.

And I’m happy helping my colleague. That’s all.


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