Sometimes I sit and wander, 

While other times I walk and ponder 
As I realize; the situation that I am in. 
I have a wife whom doesn’t love me, 
And a job that wont set me free 
While they both, just get under my skin. 
I have bills coming to the door 
And the house is always at a roar 
And no one cares the times I am there. 
When I am asleep, I cannot sleep 
And I am told a man cannot weep 
As for me, does anyone truly care. 
So here I am with my face in my hand 
My life I cannot truly understand 
So here I am again, always all by myself. 
I cannot fight a fight, I cannot win 
As I know it will cause hate and so much sin 
So I Live in my own, man made Hell. 
I am nervous now though this life 
And what can I say, but I lost my pride 
So here I am, a man without a soul. 
I always stay quite as a mouse 
Apologies is all that comes from my mouth 
My life is full of sadness and its woe. 
Now my dreaming, is what I do best 
And when I can I hide or I can rest 
I seem to hate, today and even tomorrow. 
So when I say my prayers at night 
I will always pray for my soul and my wife 
And I try to forget the rest of my sorrow. 
But then I think the same old thought 
After the many battles that I have fought 
As I know someday peace will enter my home 
But till that time I will sit and I will wait 
As from that battle I cannot escape 
Until then, I just hope to die alone. 


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