Being Indonesian.

I just watched Sacha’s video on YouTube. Her videos was about how blessed being Indonesian according to westerners. Since she is Canadian living in Indonesia for decades, her point of view blew my mind.

I’ve been struggling on identity crisis right now, like you were born Chinese but you wanna be black, or, you were born white but you wanna be Indian (it’s India in Asia not Indian American). I feel like being born as Indonesian is weak. We are not the best country in the world, we didn’t invent anything like Germans did, we are not rich either, even we were afraid of the cold war during America vs Rusia so we became third country which has some unlikely stereotype. But, to be honest, living in Indonesia ain’t dyingly fucked up miserably misfortune. The temperature is warm, we got beautiful mountains and beaches and seas and coconuts and orang utans and Dragon and.. Just watch Sacha video about how great to be Indonesian according to westerners and you’ll be thankful born as Indonesian.

Anyway, I still wanna be an American. Or a New Yorker. Maybe a Bostonian. Well..


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