Borrowing money.

If you want to know someone is your friend or not, try to borrow some money from them. Not because you need money, just borrow couple of dollars. And then see his/her responds. Somehow you will see how they treat yourself.

I tested this sometimes. Some people lend me some money right away, some people lend me money but ask me when I will give it back, some people just say no or tell me he/she has no money, and some people even laughat me while I’m asking to borrow.

It doesn’t mean the ones who lend you some money are the truly good ones. But, the ones who don’t lend you might be the good ones too. You will see. Even if he/she has no money to lend you some, he/she will help you to find a way.

You should try if you want to know your truly friends.


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