Facebook and Instagram.

Today I just deleted my frequently used social medias, Facebook and Instagram. Basically I kinda like the idea behind Facebook that you wanna stay connected with people despite the time difference and space. I like Instagram too. I can see whatever I want to see. Instagram helped me to study abroad, too.

Well, recently, I didn’t use those things like what they should’ve been used. I used Facebook just to impress my friends, or just to get people attentions by likes and comments. Instagram too. Moreover I used Instagram to stalk some Indonesian girl who’s studying in London! How could imagine how crazy I am! And also, I’m tired about posting pictures before eat, ootd shit, and various inspirational quotes I copied from internet.

It’s just not me. I’m losing myself using those things. People nowadays use Instagram to show other people how great they are, what they eat and wear, where they travel, what fancy things they can extol. But me? I’m broke. I am broke-still-figure-and-unfinished-college kid. 

I am really pissed off. I don’t want to eat just because I have to show what I eat to people, I don’t want to travel to show I’m not miserable life, I don’t wanna wear stuffs to have somebody praise me! What I’m saying is that I have been somethings lately to get people’s attention which is not good. What if you don’t get likes or comments or attention of the person you stalk? I lose the excitement while doing something without posting the pictures or status. Why couldn’t I enjoy eating kebab or wearing beats and Manchester City jersey or going to Paris without posting them to social medias? That is ridiculous! I tell you what, people literally don’t care about what currently you are doing. Stop wasting your time to get people’s attention. Just do whatever you want to do not because doing such thing will increase your popularity or your persona, just do it because you really enjoy it, because you like it. Enjoy the moment, buddy! You don’t wanna lose your precious moments because you are busying with your camera or your smartphone, do you?


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