People change.

A way back then, I had been taught by certain theory that we no longer can change our character when we reach some point of our age. We will be stuck. Let say the age is some 20s. In order to reach that age, we gotta make sure we have tried everything enough and found our true selves, our true identity. Some motivator suggest to copy part by part of various characters of successful people and sew them up to be a coat called character. Because when we reach that age, it is hard to change our character again, we will be stuck at our self identity forever.

Well, now on, I disagree. People change every seconds! People change by what they read, what they listen, what they do. We, the most sophisticated creations, have a true power so called will power. We can do every fuck we want as long as we believe and work hard on it, even to change ourselves, our character. For instance, you may know your friend being clumsy and shy enough five years ago. Now when you meet him or her, you might be surprised that he or she has become the famous swaggy persons with great characters and charming enough to get you have dinner with him/her.

I hate Mario Teguh.


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