2017: Page 4.

‚ÄčI was on my way to you and I was worried

I was all torn up and nervous
‘Cause I knew that you’d be gone
I knocked and crossed my fingers while I waited
And I couldn’t hide the teardrops
When I walked away a- lone.

It’s All Over, It’s All Over

My heart echo- es
Every minute that you cry for her
Is wasted don’t you know

It’s All Over, It’s All Over

So forget her
Stop your cryin’
Turn around and let her go.

I’ve been runnin’ ’round in circles like a baby
I was in a daze because
I loved you so, I couldn’t see
I was broken in a million little pieces
When I saw enough to realize
You didn’t care for me.


2017: Page 3.

Procrastination is a disease. It is like a cancer eating your heart or your brain. If you tell “later” or “tomorrow”, there is no “later” nor “tomorrow”. It’s just you on the other way saying “no”.

2017: Page 1.

Happy New Year!

Although it is sad that I didn’t make it to London, the New Year’s Eve was kinda cool. I finished movie marathon of The Walking Dead up to season 7 while hanged out with my friends. I didn’t say my friends watching with me though, but I stayed with them in their house, and we cooked together, chatted around. It was cool. I started to find myself again.